BIM Training

“Creating a winning team starts with basic training in new technology. If you want to successfully implement BIM, you must train your team and train them well.”

“Architects and engineers dive into a new software tool and use it like the old tool, so they may or may not learn to use it correctly on their own”

“Training is no longer an option. It’s mandatory if a team wants to compete and win jobs. If you don’t take training seriously, you will probably lose work and may be your best employees”

If you want to successfully implement BIM, you must train your team and train them well and your CAD manager will need training too. Any AEC company that is serious about staying ahead of its competition needs to play the training game and play it to its fullest potential. The drawing software industry is changing so fast, it is very hard to keep up. So get serious and invest some time and energy into some well-crafted training

The objective of BIM training is to build the prowess of a production team in an AEC office to a level needed to produce high-quality construction documents within budget and on time. Success is determined by project performance which is measured by whether or not teams can keep their consultants productive and their clients happy.
“You can choose one or the other methods or, ideally, combine them at your own pace. It has been our experience that the most successful Revit users have tried some of the training”
Good trainers are in high demand and not everyone is good at training. Well-trained BIM production teams will win work for their offices. Good trainers ultimately mean success for your team.

BIM Design Solutions offers different training courses to suit to your requirement. We have experienced trainers who have domain architectural knowledge and provide several different training approaches for you to use to get productive in a short period of time.

Academy of BIM

ABIDE has plans to expand its activities in software training by becoming ATC Partner to Autodesk and provide customized training to the end users and to generate an ever growing pool of BIM talents to cater to the need of AEC industry in Asia Pacific region.

Diploma in BIM

ABIDE offers a Diploma in BIM Management for aspiring young architects, engineering graduates and CAD technicians, with a course work involving class room based lectures, hands-on training and deployment for work experience in the industry.

Training Methodology

We have three different methodologies in imparting training as follows:• Class-room based hand-on training with tutorials• In-house training at the customer’s work environment • On the job implementation training on a Pilot project