What we do?

“We specialize in providing integrated project delivery solutions to the AECO industry and driving profitability using Building Information Modeling (BIM)”
“Consultancy services would be offered by experienced personnel of our core team who have a wide knowledge of the industry processes as well as the tools involved in the business and the work processes of the construction industry”
We have proven records as trusted mentors in implementing BIM and our expertise IPD and in ‘change management’ involved in the paradigm shift of industry work processes.
We have experienced trainers who have domain knowledge and provide several different training approaches for you to use to get productive in a short period of time.
“We have a well-equipped CAD studio with a team of talented professionals and a team of trainers, academics, administrative and support staff”

BIM Consulting

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an approach to design that uses intelligent 3D computer models to create, modify, share, and coordinate information throughout the design process. Many AEC firms are using BIM to drive a more efficient design process. In addition to driving a more efficient overall design process, BIM is powerful for sustainable design because it can help you iteratively test, analyze, and improve your design. Something

BIM Training

“Creating a winning team starts with basic training in new technology. “Architects and engineers dive into a new software tool and use it like the old tool, so they may or may not learn to use it correctly on their own” “Training is no longer an option. It’s mandatory if a team wants to compete and win jobs. If you don’t take training seriously, you will probably lose work and may be your best employees” Something

BIM Outsourcing

“BIM outsourcing has become increasingly common business strategy which involves many more issues than just financial ones. In architectural practice, as pressure to save money mounts and cost-cutting alternatives become more limited, it is inevitable that you will have the discussion about outsourcing at some point, if you haven’t already” Something